Parents Return To An Unexpected Sight After Leaving Four Daughters Home Alone

By Valerie Mulder

If you have mischievous children (or if you've ever seen Home Alone), you know that it's always a gamble to leave your kids unchaperoned at the house for too long. Will they throw a party? Will they break everything? Fight off burglars? It makes it hard for parents to take a trip with true peace of mind.

When two hard-working parents finally took a much-deserved vacation, they didn't think their four daughters would get into too much trouble when left alone. A week later, however, cameras recorded the parents' reactions to a home that was nothing like how they'd left it...

After raising four wonderful daughters, Karen and Chip Schoonover from South Carolina were due for a vacation. They had finally saved enough money and were heading out for a week to themselves around Christmas time.

The couple left worry-free because their daughters — Haley, Hollie, Heather and Halice — were now old enough to stay home unsupervised without causing any trouble... or so the Schoonovers thought.

See, their oldest daughter, Heather, was already married and had moved out of the house a few years prior. Knowing her parents were leaving town for a week, however, brought her right back to her old doorstep.

Although Hollie's hobbies mainly consisted of make-up art, acting, and singing, she concocted a totally different kind of scheme that would eventually have her parents' jaws on the floor.

Hollie needed help, however. Her plans couldn't be carried out alone, but luckily, she had sisters. The second oldest Schoonover daughter, Halice, attended nearby Coastal Carolina college. She was available to help her older sis.

Heather, the third daughter, was able to come through as well, despite having moved more inland where she'd taken a job as a marketer for a real estate company.