Stray Dog Uses Her Maternal Instincts To Keep An Abandoned Baby Alive Until Help Arrives

By Clayton Lunch

Stories about humans rescuing animals are a dime a dozen. Often, our four-legged companions will need a helping hand, and we're the only ones who can offer one.

Sometimes, though, a situation arises where our furry friends are actually the ones called on to save our lives! Although rare, an event like this is a true testament to how caring and empathetic animals can be.

A stray dog from Argentina known as Way demonstrated this animal-to-human heroism. What she did when she came across someone in need in an alleyway one freezing winter night just might make you see stray animals in a different light...

Everyone's heard a story or two about a person helping an animal in need. Precarious situations often arise that require us to protect our fellow furry and feathered friends. And since animals can't often call for help, it's always inspiring to see someone treat them with the same respect and care as humans.
That said, sometimes the roles are reversed and it's the animal who is called into action to save a human from danger. These occurrences, while certainly not as common, can and do take place. Think of these animals as real-life Lassies!
A stray dog from Argentina who was nicknamed Way by folks in the neighborhood was one such animal. She became the talk of the town after she came across an abandoned one-month-old girl in an alleyway one night. With no one else in sight, her instincts kicked in, and she did what any mother would...
Allegedly, the child's mother left the baby all alone to die in the freezing winter temperatures. While authorities were unsure how long the baby had been left in the cold, they were glad that Way stumbled upon her when she did.
As it turned out, Way had a litter of puppies of her own, and her maternal instincts to protect her young were in full effect that fateful night. She and her puppies surrounded the child and did something truly unbelievable...
Local resident Alejandra Griffa was the first to come across the scene. She'd heard the baby's cries the following morning and grew extremely concerned. Thinking it was a mother who was having trouble with her children, she decided to investigate and see if she could lend a helping hand.