‘Mother’ Cat Abandoned Outside A Shelter With Her Kittens Isn’t The Creature She Appears To Be

By Becca Stokes

There’s no bond quite like the one between a mother and her child. Dedicated mothers often make big sacrifices to take care of their young ones, even in the animal world. One non-profit worker regularly saw this firsthand.

Over the decades working with cats, the director of a feline rescue organization had seen just about everything when it came to kitties. But shortly after finding two mysterious cardboard boxes on her doorstep one morning, she better understood the lengths some moms will go for their babies…

There were no crates or cages for the kittens living at Project Purr Animal Rescue in Mobile, Alabama. Non-profit director Margie Morris made sure of that when she provided a "free range" home.
Over 100 cats run free through the several suites of this strip mall-based rescue center. Each of them chow down on a few thousand dollars worth of kibble and soil 200 pounds of cat litter as a unit, daily...
To say Margie, back right, loved her rescued cats would be an understatement. But in her handling of hundreds of cats and adoptions, she rarely encountered anything quite like what she found in July of 2017.
Margie Morris / Facebook
On a Thursday morning, Margie rolled into work only to find two cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other outside the front door of her office. On further inspection, they proved to be quite strange...
Punched holes peppered the boxes, and someone had sloppily wrapped them with duct tape. Margie's stomach sank. She suspected she knew what was in those boxes.

Margie and the shelter staff opened the top box and confirmed Margie's suspicions: inside lay a mother cat alongside two orange kittens, both five-weeks-old. And in the second box?