Campground Dog Surprises Owners With His Reaction To An Unexpected Visitor

By Cody Mauro

Most dog owners know their pooches would make friends with just about anyone or anything. If another dog passes by, ol’ Blue’s as likely to give her a cordial sniff and a friendly lick as he would a thief knocking on the front door of the family home. Still, sometimes a dog’s friendliness can stun even the most dedicated dog lovers.

For instance, way up toward the northern tip of Maine, a dog owner and her family had seen their dog shake his tail with delight at the numerous guests that stayed on their family-owned campground. But the dog’s reaction to a surprise visitor on the campground created an unforgettable moment for her entire family!

As an owner and operator of Lugdon Lodge—a family-owned camp in rural Wallagrass, Maine—Shannon Lugdon dealt regularly with animals from the surrounding woods. But in June 2018, she met an animal that truly stood out from the rest.

The encounter started at 5 a.m on a Saturday morning. Through the early-morning silence of the campground—while camping kids still slept from the previous day's activities—Shannon heard an alarming sound.
Lugdon Lodge

The calls cutting through the campgrounds belonged to a baby moose! Shannon supposed the little girl was calling out for her mother. After dubbing her Miss Maggie, Shannon decided she was going to help.

Shannon Lugdon / Facebook
But as much as she'd have liked to fix the little moose's situation right then and there, Shannon couldn't just call out and summon her missing mother. This was one of those moments where nature had to run its course. Until about eights hours later.
Right around 1 p.m., Miss Maggie wandered dangerously close to route 11, a 402-mile highway that cuts through Maine's center. A moose in the road—baby or not—wasn't exactly a benefit for drivers. Shannon had to intervene.
The campground owner called the local wardens. "Two phenomenal wardens—Adrian and Nick," Shannon wrote on her Facebook, "came over and we helped Miss Maggie back down to the brook in the shade." But the problem wasn't quite solved.
Aislinn Sarnacki / Bangor Daily News